'Shameless' season 8 spoilers
"Shameless" actors in a still from the show. Facebook/Shameless

With Showtime yet to decide a “Shameless” season 8 release date, spoilers hint that the new season will pick up right from where it left off in season 7. It has been alleged that season 8 will follow the events after Monica’s (Chloe Webb) funeral and reveal how her death became a turning point for the rest of the family.

“Shameless” season 8 returns to TV screens later this year, with principal photography set to commence in May. And if reports are to be believed, the Emmy Rossum (Fiona) and William H Macy (Frank Gallagher) starrer will show a whole lot of Fiona dealing with her woes in business and beyond.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) will be seen back in school, which he said he desired in the previous season. Debbie (Emma Kenney), last seen gaining some control over her life, will be back in season 8. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) was seen confessing to Trevor about his encounter with Mickey (Noel Fisher). A marred relationship between the two will surely follow in the series’ upcoming season. Mickey may also make a comeback to further disrupt Ian and Trevor’s relationship.

Fiona, who was buying a building in season 7, will have her love life brought up in the next season. According to Inquisitr, she’s likely to get involved in another serious romantic relationship following her separation with Sean (Dermot Mulroney) and a series of casual dating post breakup.

Executive producer Krista Vernoff explained last year that Fiona’s seemingly endless perusal of love interests rooted from the fact that the series’ writers, mostly women, seldom took breaks from dating during their early twenties. “We didn’t [think], ‘Maybe I should spend some time alone,’ until we were older than Fiona,” Vernoff said, revealing why Fiona jumps from one relationship to another.

Also, Fiona could have more lovers than one, as alleged by latest spoilers. They further state that the show might even complicate things by bringing back one or more of Fiona’s former flames. It could be Gus (Steve Kazee), Steve (Justin Chatwin), or even Sean for that matter.

“Again, we’ve barely talked about anything and what the future holds,” said executive producer Nancy Pimental in a TV Line interview. “Has there been a conversation of them getting back together [and] what would that look like? Yeah, absolutely,” she added.

“Shameless” season 8 has been confirmed to air this year but an official release date is still pending. Meanwhile, fans can stream the show’s previous seasons exclusively on Showtime.