'Shameless' season 8 spoilers
"Shameless" actors in a still from the show. Facebook/Shameless

The much-awaited American comedy-drama “Shameless” is scheduled to return soon, the latest by fall 2017. The show was renewed for an eighth season in January 2016. “Shameless” season 8 will pick up from where it left off from the events after Monica’s funeral, as stated by the latest spoilers.

With fans eager to know how the Gallaghers coped with Monica’s death, spoilers of the upcoming season reveal that the family does as fine as when Monica was around. It has been said that Frank is making the most of his life using his deceased wife’s fortune. Earlier, it was revealed that Monica had at least $70,000 worth of meth when she died, which was later passed on to the Gallaghers. The eighth season of “Shameless” will show how the other members of the family handle their inheritance.

Previously, each of the Gallaghers was seen heading into different directions following the death in the family. Speculations say that the members will still be connected to each other one way or another. After all, Frank loved Monica, and the siblings are highly aware of it.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that the upcoming season of "Shameless" will have more of Lip reflecting on a more mature life after going back to college. The new season will also focus on Ian’s relationship with Trevor.

Fiona recently started her new business in real estate and was seen buying a building in the seventh season's finale. “Shameless” season 8 will see her as an independent business woman who is now free from her responsibilities toward her siblings, according to Mic. It has been alleged that the new season will have answers to her troubled love life, as she is now free from burdens that have affected her relationship.

An official release date of "Shameless" season 8 is still pending. Fans can stream the show’s previous seasons exclusively on Showtime.