After plenty of anticipation, Sega has released a trailer for the “Valkyria Chronicles” remaster coming to the PS4. The tactical roleplaying game (RPG) originally came out on the PS3 and was received well by critics, though it didn’t do too well in sales.

Fans can take a peek at the remastered graphics through the video below and be impressed. It seems like the game’s cel-shaded graphics have managed to remain timeless, as they still look good on a current-gen console like the PS4. The game’s graphics were also praised when it was released for the PC, according to PlayStation Lifestyle.

Gameplay looks unchanged, mixing the tactical approach seen in most tactical RPGs with third-person shooting. This style of gameplay was praised back when it was on the PS3 and continues to be a unique feature today, as no other game can claim to have mixed the two genres.

Interestingly enough, an article from Gematsu has confirmed that the remaster will be coming with a demo of “Valkyria Chronicles: Azure Revolution.” This will be the newest game in the series after the third sequel was released on the PSP, so some fans can argue that the game was a long time coming.

However, some fans will be disappointed by the fact that the game has not been announced for a worldwide release, as of this writing. As it stands, the game will be coming out in Japan on Feb. 10.

That being said, “Valkyria Chronicles” has gained cult-classic status in the West and could get a worldwide release depending on fan support. This wouldn’t be the first time it happened, since Sega eventually brought “Yakuza 5” to the West, though it took three years after its Japanese debut.

It should be noted that “Yakuza 5” did not receive a physical release in the West. So if the remastered version of “Valkyria Chronicles” does get a worldwide release, there’s no guarantee that it will be available for retail.

Only time will tell if the acclaimed tactical RPG gets a re-release in the West. For now, players interested in “Valkyria Chronicles” can hunt down a copy of the game for the PS3.

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(Credit: YouTube/Sega)