“Total War: Warhammer” by SEGA has finally received a release date. As the first of the three games from the developer, the title is now slated for an April 28, 2016 launch.

Selected retailers will be shipping the Chaos Warriors Race Pack to users who preorder the game. The pack includes three playable leaders from the powerful Chaos Warriors, allowing the player to play the single-player campaigns with the exclusive characters. It includes bloodthirsty units, monstrous creature and new mounts. The Race Pack also adds individual quests for every Legendary Lord, reported IGN.

“Total War: Warhammer” comes in three editions. The Standard Edition includes just the base version of the game. The Limited Edition includes both the game and a strategy guide to help players in better understanding the game and improving gameplay performance.

The High King Edition is somewhat the biggest bundle of all. Aimed at hardcore enthusiasts, it includes a Grudge Ring, a quality metal ring with a rotating inner band. Also included in the bundle is a Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant made of genuine functional whetstone. Other items include the Dwarfen Drinking Horn and Stand plus a Canvas Map. The Canvas Map includes a complete map of the game map to help play understand the game’s environment. It also includes an Integrated Artbook that showcases various game concepts. A Metal case has also been included to help in protecting the game’s installation media. This edition also includes all of the items in the game’s Limited Edition.

SEGA has promised to deliver countless hours of gameplay with Total War: Warhammer, The game will also include two more expansions as well as DLC packs, as reported by GameSpot. The game is currently being developed by Creative Assembly through a partnership with Games Workshop, the game’s license holder. The game will only be available exclusively to PC users.

"Total War: Warhammer" - Announcement Cinematic(YouTube/GameSpot)

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