One of the new features of "Football Manager 2016." (via

Sega and Sports Interactive’s long-running management sim series will be getting a new title, as the latter announced that “Football Manager 2016” will roll out soon in mid-November. Aside from the main game, Sega also announced two mobile ports for the series.

Sega hints that “Football Manager 2016” will be a better game saying that it will ship out with a suite of simulations that are designed to create the most realistic management experience for players. The upcoming title will ship with new features including Fantasy Draft mode and Create-A-Club mode. Another key feature is the option to have a manager on the touchline.

A report by PC Gamer details that the new Fantasy Draft mode will give players a chance to build their own custom teams, which they can use to compete in a mini league with friends or other users. They could also use the pre-made custom teams to any existing league with the new Create-A-Club option.

The Manger on Touch-Line options on the other hand will offer players a more in-depth experience by letting them create their own character. The character will be used to issue orders from the touchline. Perhaps one of the best improvements of the new title from previous ones is the Improved Match Day Experience.The changes made to Match Day Experience adds more than 2,000 animations and a tweak on controls that allows players to be regularly updated with all the action from different leagues.

Aside from that, Sega will be also rolling out two “Football Manager” games for mobile devices. “Football Manager Touch” will soon be available as a standalone game on Steam and high-end tablets. This game allows for cross save, which means that data from the main game can be transferred on “Football Manager Touch.”

The other title is “Football Manager Mobile,” which Wired reports as an option for players who don’t pack high-end gadgets. It is still the same coaching sim but with lesser features. Sega is yet to fully detail what differentiates “Football Manager Mobile” from other titles.

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