One of the scenes in "Scorpion" season 3 episode 12. Facebook/Scorpion

In “Scorpion” season 3 episode 12 titled “Ice Ca-Cabes,” Cabe (Robert Patrick) has been injured during Team Scorpion’s mission. What made the situation worse was that there was no hospital near them. The team made a decision to freeze Cabe so that they would be able to save him from dying.

The storyline of this week’s episode focuses on the team’s mission in the desert. The team was working on their latest job at the Federal Pumping Station in Redwood, California. All of them were preoccupied with the turbine wind operation covered in copper, which was said to run hot. However, the turbine began running so fast that a piece of it snapped. They all searched where the certain piece landed and they found out that it hit Cabe.

Cabe was covered in blood because the shrapnel hit a major artery. Team Scorpion was able to quickly make a water bath that has the right temperature so that they would be able to save Cabe’s life. The idea worked and luckily after many hours, the chopper to bring Cabe to the hospital finally arrived.

In the hospital, Walter (Elyes Gabel) felt very emotional and shared his feelings with Cabe. Walter told Cabe how much he loved him and how much the entire team also adored them. After a few minutes, the rest of the team entered the room wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying iced coffee.

Meanwhile, Tim’s departure left a huge impact on his girlfriend, Paige (Katharine McPhee). No matter what the team did on the mission, Paige continued to avoid Walter because she believes that he’s responsible for her boyfriend’s decision to work elsewhere. As more events happened in the show, it can be seen that Paige and Walter’s issue won’t last very long. Nick Santora, the executive producer of the show, revealed to TV Line that the two characters show the true relationship of the show and make the show intense and interesting.

“Scorpion” is aired Mondays at 9 p.m. in Australia on Network Ten.