Scene in an episode of "Scorpion." Facebook/Scorpion

In this winter finale of “Scorpion,” the team goes off the grid in this Christmas episode. The last episode is entitled “Wreck the Halls.”

As a recap for the last episode, what happened was that the team went on an electronics-free mountain getaway on Christmas Eve. Walter was seen not too happy without his devices but he was willing to do that for Paige's (Katharine McPhee) sake. However, this sweet escape of theirs turned deadly when they came across gun-runners. Aside from that, Ralph (Riley B. Smith) was kidnapped.

Another interesting scene that happened in the last episode was when Paige broke the rule about no technology for Christmas weekend. She used her cellphone despite the said instruction and gave it to Walter to build a makeshift radio device to call for help.

The scenes for this episode had a "Home Alone" homage feel when they all tried to take out the gun-runners. Agent Gallo’s (Robert Patrick) bowling joke was also a funny part of the show. The sweetest scene was when the homeland agent gave Ralph his pocket knife when everyone was back in the garage. Ralph wanted to pass the knife to his grandson someday.

Now that Christmas season is here, “Scorpion” will be off for a while and will return for new episodes in 2017. The date of its return has not yet been revealed.

“Scorpion” is aired Mondays at 9PM in Australia on Network Ten.