Samsung Bixby + Samsung Pay + Samsung Pay Mini
A shot of the South Korean Samsung Pay Beta website which virtually confirms Bixby. Samsung

Various reports came out back in November that Samsung was developing a new virtual assistant called Bixby and that it should make its debut on the electronics giant’s upcoming make-or-break flagship, the Galaxy S8. At least one of those is virtually confirmed, as Samsung hinted on its Korean website that Bixby is apparently on board.

Bixby is set to be incorporated with the South Korean tech titan’s Android apps including Samsung Pay Mini, which is a lite version of Samsung Pay. While the full version of Samsung Pay allows users to conduct both physical and online transactions, the Mini version only permits the latter.

It is not clear yet how Samsung’s new virtual assistant works its way into all of this. It will be very interesting to see if Bixby can follow payment instructions with just voice commands. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a welcome addition to the already hyped up Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship is reportedly going to come in two variants: a regular 5.7-inch model and a larger 6.2-inch bezel-less version with a full RGB AMOLED Edge-like display. It is also said that Samsung is set on making a stylus available as an external accessory for the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 variant. The S Pen has always been exclusively associated with the Note series smartphones and has never been incorporated with earlier Galaxy S series handsets.

Previous reports have also pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 may equip the Y-OCTA display technology that was primarily used on the now-discontinued Galaxy Note 7. The upcoming S8 may even end up using the exact same Super AMOLED quad HD resolution display panels that the Note 7 had. This may be Samsung’s way of regaining lost fans and profits due to the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, although the company has never hinted on discontinuing the Note series.

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