Samsung Galaxy
A man works on the Samsung booth before the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, August 28, 2012. Reuters/Tobias Schwarz

If latest reports are to be believed, Samsung may show off a foldable smartphone at the MWC 2017. Reports say that the Samsung Galaxy X is coming soon. While the South Korean tech giant will show off its Galaxy S8 smartphone or a 60-sec video to a select few, it is likely that another smartphone may be the company's flagship. The Samsung foldable smartphone will reportedly be shown off behind closed doors. Only a select group of journalists, retailer reps, distributors and partners will get an exclusive look at the foldable device.

According to Pocket Now, Samsung is looking for feedback from the select few as it keeps exploring numerous designs, concepts and release strategies to build buzz around its upcoming products. The Samsung Galaxy X covert presentation could be considered a hint that Samsung is nearing completion of its R&D work. Year 2017 will reportedly see a number of manufacturers producing foldable smartphones and hybrid tablets. They will first hot stores in limited numbers and slowly take over the industry.

According to Tech Times, Samsung wants to first gauge the reaction to its product by showing the possible Galaxy X foldable phone to a select few. Earlier reports have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy X phone could hit the market in the third quarter of 2017. Around 100,000 units of the foldable smartphone could be released by Samsung. Codenamed Project Valley, the Samsung Galaxy X may also be used as a 7-inch tablet. The smartphone’s illustrations of patent application got leaked and that was the first time people got a peek into the device.

The foldable display of Samsung Galaxy X also got leaked in 2016. The patent application at the USPTO also showed a foldable clamshell-like device resembling a makeup case. Images of the hinges of the Galaxy X smartphone have also been shown. The camera could be placed on the top closed clamshell, which becomes the rear part once the smartphone is folded. While everything is still at a very rumour stage, it will be interesting to see if the foldable device Samsung showcases at the MWC 2017 is really the Galaxy X.

However, Samsung has a competitor on the foldable screen front like every other tech company. LG is not far behind and may also release a top-end foldable smartphone in the fourth quarter. LG is rumoured to be developing a similar phone much ahead of Samsung. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy X and other smartphones such as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.