A customer tries the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone at a store in Seoul August 26, 2012.
A customer tries the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone at a store in Seoul August 26, 2012. Reuters/Lee Jae-Won

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge were released in the first quarter of this year. The South Korean tech giant is expected to release Galaxy Note 6 in August. Speculations suggest that Samsung may announce Galaxy Note 6 Lite, a slightly low-powered smartphone compared to Note 6. The rumor mill has now started talking about Galaxy smartphones that will be launched in 2017.

According to Sam Mobile, the South Korean tech giant will be releasing five smartphones. In the first quarter of 2017, Samsung is pegged to announce Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge smartphones. Both the devices will feature Super AMOLED screens that will carry RGB subpixel arrangement along with support for 2.5K resolution.

The Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 7 Edge smartphones will be arriving in the second half of 2017. These phablets will also arrive with 2.5K resolution supporting Super AMOLED displays that will carry PenTile subpixel arrangement

The fifth flagship smartphone that will be launched in 2017 is dubbed as Galaxy X smartphone. It will be a bendable smartphone which means it will feature a flexible display that can be folded in half. This feature will allow users to fold the smartphone to easily put it inside the pocket. The rumor mill has claimed that the codenamed of the alleged Galaxy X smartphone is Project Valley.

Samsung has filed several patents for technology that will be incorporated in the Galaxy X smartphone. At present, there is no information available on the specifications of the smartphone. Speculations suggest that it will feature Snapdragon 830 chipset and 6 GB of RAM.

Samsung had launched its first curved screen smartphone, Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. It came with single edge curved display. In 2015, the South Korean company had introduced Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone with dual edge curved screen. This year too, Samsung has released Galaxy S7 Edge with dual edge curved screen.

Rumours have that other smartphone OEMs like Xiaomi, Vivo and Huawei are expected to launch smartphones with dual edge curved screens. Samsung is now pegged to raise the competition bar higher by launching Samsung Galaxy X smartphone.