Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek are going strong in their relationship. Recently, celebrity stylist and TV presenter Jules Sebastian asked some quick questions to “The Bachelorette Australia” star, and fans got a sneak peek into Frost’s likes and dislikes. None of the questions involved Mielczarek.

According to Frost, if there was one song she would love to dance to every day for the rest of her life, it would be Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” Frost even sang a few lines for Sebastian.

During the interview, Frost also revealed her pet peeve. She hates people who insult her for what she does but still want to talk to her for “half an hour.” She doesn’t want to give time to those who are insulting.

According to Frost, “lovely people” make her smile, and she described her life as ridiculous and unpredictable, fun and beautiful, genuine and lovely and divine.

Watch Sam Frost answer Jules Sebastian questions here.

Source: YouTube/ Jules Sebastian

Frost has slimmed down a lot over the past few months. She has dropped a dress size and lost nearly five kilos. However, the weight loss has not been intentional. Her work schedule is the primary reason for her weight loss. Frost has cut out alcohol and exercises more regularly.

“I’ve just been trying to have more energy, so I can be awake and focused on my job,” Frost told WHO.

However, not everything is right back at Mielczarek’s end. His dad, Aleksander Mielczarek, has been banned from working in his own tattoo parlours due to his membership of the Rebel bikie club, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Mielczarek’s dad has been refused the licence after NSW Police considered him not a “fit and proper person.” They believe that granting him the licence would be against public interest due to his links with the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG). Mielczarek’s dad had opened two successful tattoo parlours along with his ex-wife at Bowral and Picton eight years ago.

“The public would expect that a person with the applicant’s connections would not be granted such a licence," said tribunal member Prof. Geoffrey Walker. “Until such time as he fully dissociates himself from the Rebels, this risk will remain and he should not be granted the licence.”