rove mcmanus and sam frost
2DayFM's "Rove and Sam" co-hosts Rove McManus and Sam Frost pose for a photo with each other while hanging out on the couch. Instagram/rovemcmanus

“The Bachelorette Australia” star and 2DayFM radio host Sam Frost is preparing for a busy 2016 with fellow radio host Rove McManus for their “Rove & Sam” show. The duo just came back on air on Monday but Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) has already unveiled the “Rove & Sam” marketing campaign. Aside from work, Frost and McManus also found time to visit Disneyland during the weekend, along with the former’s boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek. However, she was left disappointed because of his lame gift from the trip, which was a torn map.

The SCA marketing campaign for “Rove and Sam” is the first marketing push for Frost and McManus. Three videos featuring the co-hosts were uploaded on 2DayFMSydney's official YouTube channel.

One of the videos features a 60-second spot that runs through a list of amazing giveaways. However, the partners in crime can be seen in the video correcting the voiceover after it mentions each item on the list, including giving away millions of cash, a luxury sports car and a basket of puppies.

In another ad, McManus is described as “the small guy with the big personality” and Frost as the girl with “more dates than hot dinners.”

The two have a busy schedule ahead. They will be spending the first two weeks broadcasting live from Los Angeles and interviewing big names. They recently attended the People’s Choice Awards 2016 (PCAs) on Wednesday and will be going backstage during the Golden Globes 2016 on Sunday.

The Daily Telegraph reports that before gearing up for their exciting activities for “Rove & Sam,” the co-hosts visited Disneyland over the weekend with Frost’s beau Sasha Mielczarek. They also went to California Adventure Land.

However, The West Australian reports that Frost wasn’t happy with Mielczarek during their Disneyland trip. It was her first time to visit the theme park but Mielczarek rushed her through the souvenir shop. She really wanted to buy some souvenir items but her boyfriend said they’ll just come back later for it. Much to Frost’s dismay, they didn’t go back. Instead, Mielczarek surprised her with their Disneyland map. He tore a love heart out of its corner, hoping the gesture would make her girlfriend happy.

“So essentially, rubbish is your gift. I was so excited and all I got was a scrappy piece of paper,” Frost told Mielczarek, according to The West Australian.

Although McManus insisted it was the sentiment that matters and not the gift, still Frost was not happy about the whole thing.

“I was like ‘Soooo my Minnie Mouse jumper is where?’” she added.

Thankfully, "The Bachelorette Australia" star still had a good time despite that and even posted Disneyland photos with Mielczarek and McManus on her Instagram account.

Our bodyguard the #Terminator • Love his head! ... @2dayfm

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"Rove and Sam" for breakfast airs 6-9 am weekdays on 2day FM 104.1.

Watch the “Rove & Sam” 2DayFM marketing campaign videos here:

Source: YouTube: 2DayFMSydney