Actress Salma Hayek looks on during the 2015 Lumiere Grand Lyon film festival
Actress Salma Hayek looks on during the 2015 Lumiere Grand Lyon film festival in Lyon, France, October 16, 2015. Reuters/Robert Pratta

Salma Hayek is all set to remake her cosmetics line Nuance colour collection that she co-created with CVS Pharmacy. The colour cosmetics segment Nuance Salma Hayek brand is being replaced by 37 new stock keeping units. The improved cosmetics dimension is expected to elevate the whole brand.

Hayek’s improved colour line will be repackaged as well as reformulated. The 37 new products include the original foundation (which has been retained) eye shadows, a cream concealer, moisturizing lipstick, brow pencil, cream illuminators and shadow sticks. This new look is said to have contributed to a 3.7 per cent increase in beauty and personal-care sales in those remodelled stores.

Hayek’s Nuance eye shadows contain argan oil and a blend of silicone-infused mineral pigments. It can be applied on the skin with ease as it blends smoothly. The brow pencil features a formula containing chamomile and phytosterol ester to also ease application. The two cream illuminators have gardenia and tepezcohuite to tone and condition skin and reduce inflammation.

The prices of the products range from $10.99 to $14.99, or as Hayek said, “There is nothing in the line that is above $20. The actress said that all her cosmetics, even make-up care for the skin. “They are all treatments for the skin that also make up your face,” Hayek said.

According to WWD, the actress’s favourite ingredient in her cosmetics is tepezcohuite, which is a key ingredient in her creams. The natural ingredient is extracted from a tree bark and used in her native Mexico to treat burn victims in hospitals. It is believed to be the strongest regenerator of skin cells.

The 49-year-old actress’s lipstick contains green tea and mint designed to boost the circulation and therefore pumps the blood. In addition to the lipstick, the caring quotient extends to concealers and even the eye shadows has chamomile and argan oil. The under-eye concealers have vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C as well as ginger and green tea.

Hayek said that when she started Nuance colour line, she did not have time to look into the formulation and the packaging of the products. The brand was originally conceived as a skin and hair care range.

In an interview in May 2015, the actress shared her secret to youthful skin. Hayek who is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, the Kering CEO said that face has to be washed every day before going to bed, Vogue reports.