Russian Meteor Shower 2013: Funny What-Really-Happened Tweets and Some Serious Reminders [PHOTOS]

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The 2013 Russia meteor on Friday will go down in history as the day people saw in real life what could look "good" in Armageddon movies: the threatening trail of smoke in the sky followed by glasses splattering due to a shockwave.The meteor shower injured a thousand of people, but many are relieved it didn't get any worse. Jokes were shouted out on Twitter. One image suggests what really happened was that the fireball trail was caused by the anime Dragon Ball popping out in the real world from popular fiction.

2013 Russia Meteor Joke Suggests Dragon Ball in the Sky (Image: Twitter)

"Mayans everywhere are adjusting their watches," tweets @Martinbigpigmor, in reference to "Mayan calendar doomsday" and asteroid fears in December 2012. Some people just couldn't stop themselves from poking fun at doomsday preppers. 

2013 Russia meteorite reminds people that scientists can't see everything coming (Image: Twitter)

But the 2013 Russia meteor posed a very serious reminder, too. And that is in the grand scheme of things, something like Friday's meteorite shower could happen again. Scientists say it is hard to imagine how many near-Earth space rocks are out there. Obviously, they can't stop what they can't see coming. For now, there is no telling how many space rocks could cause meteorites to hurl into populated places on the planet.

Friday's meteor hit just when scientists were sure an asteroid was going to whiz past Earth without putting anyone in harm's way. They were right about the flyby of near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14. But no astronomer saw the meteorites coming to and injuring adults and children in Russia.

Meteor Hits Russia: Schoolchildren traumatized by windows shattering after shockwaves

Many people are trying to see the funny side of the meteorite, tweeting jokes and humoring friends with so called "real stories" behind the space rocks's plummet into Earth. But the incident was definitely not funny for the poor children who were traumatized by their ordeal.

CNN featured a child who witnessed the shattering of her classroom's window due to the shockwave triggered by Friday's meteorite. The little girl's mother told the news agency her child was traumatized by the incident, and she kept asking if the window at their place would also break. Another little girl who sustained injuries from shattered pieces of glass windows was also featured. Also wounded was a school teacher who looked out the window after spotting the trail of thick, white smoke in the sky.


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