syria victory aleppo war
Govermental Syrian forces fire into sky as celebrating their victory against rebels in eastern Aleppo, Syria, December 12, 2016. Reuters/Omar Sanadiki

Russia's Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has confirmed that the Syrian government has re-established its control over east Aleppo. The battle ended on Tuesday leading to the withdrawal of rebels through a ceasefire.

The end of the battle earned Syrian President Basha al-Assad his biggest victory since the revolt against his government started in 2011. Russia, Iran and regional Shi'ite militias backed up the Syrian president against the rebels. The government forces have squeezed the rebels to the smaller areas of the city during the air strikes.

Before the declaration of victory, the reporters in the area said that bombardments were not heard in recent hours. The rebels are expected to leave the area on Wednesday along with their families. There were more than 50,000 people expected to evacuate. However, there is no clear information if the civilians will join. People in the rebel-held area said that the government has a master list of the fighters' names and their families.

Russia and Turkey negotiated the ceasefire without the involvement of the US.

According to UN spokesman Rupert Colville, people were shot in the street as they tried to flee while some were shot in their homes.

Some survivors of the war walked past dead bodies as they transfered to the government-held area. Some survivors preferred staying at home until the government army arrived.

British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycoft described the killings as slaughter. US Ambassador Samantha Power said that Aleppo will join the ranks of world history events that define modern evil.

The rebel-held area is now a wasteland of flattened buildings with bullet-pocked wall and concrete rubble. The city was pulverised during the war which killed thousands of people. In the most recent report, there were 82 civilians killed as the government recaptured the city. However, Russia denied the allegations and said that rebels kept more than 100,000 people to serve as human shields.