Former WWE superstar Taz has a bizarre conspiracy theory about Ronda Rousey’s shocking defeat to Holly Holm at UFC 93 in Melbourne during the weekend.

According to Fox Sports, Taz, a two-time WWE world heavyweight champion turned podcaster, claimed that Rousey deliberately lost to Holm in a strategic plan that involves working on Rowdy’s increasingly packed career schedule.

“The first thing that jumped out at me was, OK: I think the finish of the fight might have been rigged,” Taz disclosed on his podcast, The Taz Show. “A guy or girl is going to take a break or go away, or has an injury that they have to tend to, whatever the reasons are, and they’re a champion – you take the championship off of them.”

Rousey is slated to have a jam-packed schedule after UFC 193, whatever the outcome was. She recently said in an interview that she is planning to walk away from MMA to focus on filming her upcoming movies, "Roadhouse," "Mile 22," and her biopic.

Rousey also reiterated her plans in an Instagram post, saying that she will be back in fighting at the Octagon but needs a “little bit of time.” However, Taz added it would be “bad for business” to have a UFC champion having a personal break or making a movie with the championship belt on hand.

Moreover, Rousey has predicted her loss against Holm in her appearance a month ago at the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, which adds more fuel to the fire that her defeat was possibly fixed. But according to UFC president Dana White, Rousey had no inclination that she would lose to Holly Holm in their main event fight at Etihad Stadium.

“But she's a fierce competitor and losing is not even in her vocabulary, never crosses her mind,” White told TMZ. “In no way, shape or form did she think she was gonna lose that fight."

Holm knocked Rousey out cold 59 seconds into the second round of their clash. A rematch would certainly make sense, according to the new undisputed bantamweight champion, considering how big the fight is.

Whatever the reason for Rousey’s loss, it would be certain she will return stronger and more motivated in her rematch against Holm, which could be scheduled at UFC 200 in July.

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