Rocket League
In-game screenshot of "Rocket League" gameplay. Facebook/Rocket League

The sport game known as “Rocket League” will not only give players hours of entertaining matches by at the same time allow them to unlock items as rewards for winning each battle. Players can trade rewards for items that they need. Gamers need to know how to properly trade their items and how to do it properly.

Rewards are not the only items that can be attained in “Rocket League.” Players can also get randomly given Champions Crates. Inside these crates are random items. Players will be needing a key in order to unlock these crates. The only way you can do so is by buying them in bulk or individually from the Rocket League marketplace or trade some items for keys.

Players need to take note that all items collected in the “Rocket League” game are only for cosmetic purposes. Collecting these items is one of the “need-to-do” things in this game. But in order to do so, trading with other players must also be done.

Tips and tricks in trading

First up, players need to familiarise themselves with the game’s price guide. A member of the Steam community created a price list guide in order to help those players who need a breakdown of each item. The prices are applicable to PS4 and Xbox Rocket League players. The complete price list of the game can be found on Steam.

In order to have a successful trade, players need to keep in mind that the item they’re getting is worth a higher key value than the item that they’re giving away. Trading high valued items will be easier to do once this is done correctly. The trick is to ensure that the trade will give the best deal and in return getting a higher valued item.

Finding players for trading

Players can look up other gamers who are interested in item trading in a Rocket League trading community on PS4 called: “Rocket League Trade Group.” They can search for the community from the game’s dashboard and select the player they want to trade with.

Another helpful tip is registering with other Rocket League trading sites. Not only can traders get other useful information about the game, they can use a variety of filters to find players that have certain items that they would want to trade for. Players can choose a co-trader once they add them as a friend on the PlayStation Network. They can then trade items while in the game after adding a co-trader.

How to trade with other players.

The final step for a successful trade in “Rocket League” is to go to the lobby on PS4 then press L2 to create a party. After doing so choose and invite the player for the trading process. Click on his name at the bottom of the screen and click “Invite to trade.” More details about trading can be found in the Rocket League website.