Rocket League
"Rocket League" by Psyonix Facebook/Rocket League

Game developer Psyonix has carried out a promise and has included a Rumble mode in “Rocket League.” Not only has a new mode been introduced to the game, but the update also gives players the opportunity to experience 11 randomised power-ups.

The new Rumble mode of “Rocket League” comes free to players and is featured on Online Playlists as well as Private and Exhibition matches. As mentioned earlier, the new Rumble mode brings with it 11 new randomised powerups. These are:

  • The Boot - allows a player to kick an opponent’s car
  • Disruptor - forces an opponent to drive out of control
  • Freezer - freezes the ball into place
  • Grappling Hook - pulls a player towards the ball
  • Haymaker - punches the ball
  • Magnetizer -attracts the ball to the player’s car
  • Plunger - snaps the ball to the player’s position
  • Power Hitter - strengthens the player’s hitting capabilities
  • Spike - attaches the ball to the player’s car once touched
  • Swapper - changes the player’s position with the opponents’
  • Tornado - sweeps the opponents’ cars as well as the ball into a funnel cloud

The update, according to PlayStation Lifestyle also includes microtransactions via the Crates and Keys system, player-to-player trading and three new arenas.

The new but optional Crate and Keys system allows the game to occasionally drop random crates during Competitive matches, which players can then purchase keys to. The crates are randomised, so it is difficult for players to distinguish which are valuable enough to open, especially because each key will cost a player US$1.49 (AU$2).

However, PC Gamer notes the items found in the crates are still considered exclusive and can be used for trading. Moreover, Psyonix has promised that the crates will exclusively constant “cosmetic content only,” which is in line with the developers “Don’t Sell Advantage” policy.

The keys also come in bundles. Sets of 5, 10 and 20 keys can be purchased at US$5 (AU$6.50), US$10 (AU$13) and US$20 (AU$26) respectively. But if players would prefer to get rid of this feature entirely, the option is presented as well.