Rio 2016 Olympics: Police detain Namibian & Moroccan boxers for alleged sexual assault of female room cleaners

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Hassan Saada
Hassan Saada (left) with Njib Kacm. Facebook/Hassan Saada

More drama unfolds in the ongoing Rio 2016 Olympics besides athletes being injured, there were two separate reports of boxers sexually assaulting female room cleaners. It has resulted in the detention by Rio police of a Namibian boxer and a Moroccan boxer.

The first incident happened on Friday, the opening day, when Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada was arrested on complaints of two female cleaners in the athlete’s village. According to G1, a Brazilian news site, Jonas kissed and groped a housekeeper while she was cleaning the room, while the coach just stood by and watched.

Police spokeswoman Carolina Salomao adds that Saada continued to make sexually suggestive gestures and offered her money. What he did indicates the boxer’s lack of respect for Brazilian women, says Salomao. Because he remains in police custody, Saada forfeits his fight on Thursday against Frenchman Hassan Amzile for the qualifying round of the light heavyweight class.

But the Moroccan Boxing Federation insists on the innocence of Saada who allegedly does not understand the accusations. The federation claims the doors were open, there were no noise or complaints heard and two other athletes were in the room when the alleged incident happened.

Jonas Junias Jonas 2016 Rio Olympics - Opening ceremony - Maracana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 05/08/2016. Flagbearer Jonas Junias Jonas (NAM) of Namibia leads his contingent during the opening ceremony.  Reuters/Stoyan Nenov

On Sunday, Namibian flag bearer and boxer Jonas Junias Jonas was arrested by police with also a sexual assault charge, reports Wall Street Journal. Rio police said the 22-year-old light-welterweight boxer attempted to grab and kiss a female housekeeper who was able to escape.

The incident allegedly happened at the 11th floor’s hallway in an Olympic Village building. He and Saada are now detained at the Bangu prison. Saada is expected to stay in the notorious jail for 15 days. Brazilian laws consider sexual harassment as rape, and a conviction could result in 10 years prison term.

VIDEO: Moroccan Olympic boxer arrested for alleged sexual assault

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