(IN PHOTO) An alligator lies on the bank in the Pantanal wetlands near in Pocone outside World Cup host city Cuiaba June 22, 2014. On days between World Cup games, Pantanal - the planet's largest wetlands and almost as big as Britain - draws fans from around the world who have come to the host city of Cuiaba, located in the exact geographical center of South America. In lobbying World Cup organizers FIFA for host city status, Cuiaba and the Brazilian government touted the wildlife - an estimated 1,000 bird species, 300 mammals and 9,000 invertebrates - they could show tourists on their doorstep. They hope the exposure during the high-profile tournament puts Pantanal on people's travel wish-lists for years to come. Picture taken June 22. Reuters

A customer at the Burkart’s Marina in Texas shot dead on Tuesday a 400-pound, 11-foot alligator that killed on late Thursday night a local resident who ignored signs and swam in the creek. The mangled corpse of the victim, 28-year-old Tommie Woodward, was found on early Friday morning floating half a mile from Adams Bayou in Orange County.

The Telegraph reports that when local game warden opened the remains of the gator that was shot by the customer, identified only as “Bear,” it yielded parts of human body. Part of Woodward’s arm was missing when he was found.

Bear said, “He [gator] had to go. That’s what happens when you kill someone,” quotes Houston Chronicle. When Woodward – who frequently swam at the creek with no incident – was reminded that man-eating reptiles lurk in the water, he ignored the warnings, said Judge Rodney Price.

Woodward was even quoted as saying, “f*** the alligators.” Almost right after he jumped into the water, he cried for help. Michelle Wright, his girlfriend, jumped also into the water when she heard his screams, but the gator had dragged Woodward down and attacked him.

The area is known as "gator country" since it is the habitat of about half a million reptiles in Orange, Jefferson and Chambers. That fact prompted Allan Burkart, marina owner, to place a large “No Swimming: Alligator” sign that Woodward ignored many times, until it became fatal.

Wright, who was not harmed, said, “I asked him please do not go swimming, there’s a bigger alligator out here, please stay out of the water,” quotes KFDM. Besides the severed limb, Woodward’s corpse had puncture wounds on his upper chest. Police said Woodward’s autopsy is pending.

It was the second gator attack in the region this week, but Woodward’s death is believed to be the first fatal one in the state in almost 200 years. The last one was in 1836 when an alligator attacked a man swimming across Trinity’s mouth. Texas has an estimated 1.3 million alligators, the biggest in the US, according to Houston Chronicle.

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