Razer Wolverine Ultimate
The Razer Wolverine Ultimate gaming controller comes with an abundance of extra buttons, including two remappable multi-function bumpers, four multi-function triggers plus a Quick Control Panel. Razer

Razer on Thursday launched an all-new customisable gaming controller for the Xbox One and PC called the Wolverine Ultimate. It comes with an abundance of extra buttons, including a couple of remappable multi-function bumpers, four multi-function triggers plus a Quick Control Panel. It hits international shores sometime in the fourth quarter.

According to Razer, its newest product is optimised for advanced gaming and adapts to every gamer. If that sounds too confusing, it’s because it is. The Wolverine Ultimate is indeed advanced thanks to its slew of additional buttons, but it may be too much for a casual gamer.

The controller has two interchangeable D-Pads alongside an assortment of swappable thumbsticks with different heights and shapes. It also comes with a total of six remappable triggers and buttons. The controller is completely customisable both via Razer Synapse for Xbox and on-the-fly.

The California-based eSports enthusiast’s unified configuration software also controls the Wolverine Ultimate’s integrated RGB lighting strip. This basically means that Xbox gamers will now get to taste what Razer Chroma has to offer. Users can personalise lighting effects from up to 16.8 million colours.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate
The Razer Wolverine Ultimate has a detachable 10-foot lightweight braided fibre cable with a Micro-USB connector. Razer

Speaking of Chroma, the controller is its maker’s first console product to support the Razer Chroma SDK. This basically permits developers to incorporate advanced lighting functionalities for Xbox One games and console controllers. An automatic hair-trigger mode with trigger stops for rapid-fire and the tactile switch action buttons round off the new hardware’s features.

“We’ve taken our time with the development of the Razer Wolverine Ultimate to really get it right,” according to Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. “Thanks to endless design iterations and pro-gamer feedback, we’re proud to be finally releasing a new contender for the crown.”

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate will be available to purchase on Razer’s official web store in September and will be available worldwide in the fourth quarter. It’s available for US$160 in the US and €180 in Europe. Official pricing in Australia has yet to be announced, but based on the US figure, it can go for about AU$210.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate specs and features

  • Two Remappable Shoulder Multi-Function Buttons & Four Triggers
  • Razer Chroma lighting with full 16.8 million colour options
  • Interchangeable D-Pad – Choice between Individual and Tilting Designs
  • Interchangeable zero slow-turn concave analogue joysticks
  • Optional Hair-Trigger Mode with Trigger-Stop for rapid-fire
  • Four-button Quick Control Panel
  • Four Tactile Switch ABXY Action Buttons
  • Ergonomic Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • Razer Synapse for Xbox app
  • Razer Chroma SDK enabled
  • Play Anywhere – Play on Xbox One or PC
  • 3.5 mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input
  • Carrying case
  • Quick-release cable feature
  • Detachable 3 m / 10 ft lightweight braided fibre cable with Micro-USB connector
  • Approximate size: 106 mm / 4.17 in (Length) x 156 mm / 6.14 in (Width) x 66 mm / 2.60 in (Height)
  • Approximate weight (without cable): 260 g / 0.57 lb
  • One year warranty