A combination of three pictures shows the moon turning orange during a total "supermoon" lunar eclipse in Brussels September 28, 2015. Sky-watchers around the world are in for a treat Sunday night and Monday when the shadow of Earth casts a reddish glow on the moon, the result of rare combination of an eclipse with the closest full moon of the year. Reuters/Yves Herman

Moon enthusiasts did not let the rare event on Sunday pass them by without bringing out their smartphones, cameras and telescopes to view and take pictures of the lunar eclipse and blood moon, or supermoon. reports that it received a number of impressive images of the moon taken from different parts of the world where it was seen clearly. The images came from lunar observers in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK and other parts of the world.

Those who had good images of the reddish gold colour were from areas with clear skies. Some people, or billions, watched the blood moon from those in the western hemisphere to parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.

However, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia missed it, although people from that part of the world had a chance to watch NASA’s live stream of the event, which last took place 30 years ago and will next occur in another 30 years, reports ABC.

For one hour and 11 minutes, the Earth’s shadow blanketed the full moon while the planet passed between the sun and the moon. During the eclipse, the moon’s brilliant white glow slowly transformed into a dim red caused by the Earth’s atmosphere scattering sunlight unto the moon’s shadow.

Despite forecasts of an apocalypse, there was no asteroid hit on Earth as NASA had stated. The world also did not end, contrary to the expectations of some groups such as the El Shaddai Ministries in Washington and the John Hagee Ministries in San Antonio, Texas, notes the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Aussie daily also reports that Sunday’s event dashed the blood moon prophecy of Rabbi Mendel Kessin, an Orthodox Jewish clergyman from New York. Because Australia did not witness the blood moon, Perry Vlahos of the Melbourne Astronomical Society, comments, “If there is deity up there, therefore, sending worrying messages via the night sky, He is evidently not that concerned with keeping the southern hemisphere in the loop. Perhaps only half of the world is about to end.”

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