A dog nurses her puppies in Tunis, Tunisia, October 1, 2016. Reuters/Zoubeir Souissi

An alleged puppy farm in Glenarbon, Queensland, was raided by officers. Nearly 100 animals, some of which were malnourished and bruised, were found at the property.

The discovery of the animals, including puppies and cats, came during the search of the property on Monday. The search was conducted by detectives from Goondiwindi Criminal Investigation Branch and investigators from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Queensland.

Two of the dogs needed emergency treatment. Some of the others were reportedly malnourished, injured and surrounded by corpses of other dogs on the property.

According to the RSPCA’s statement, the dogs seized by the authorities were American Staffordshire bull terriers, Australian and American bulldogs, French bulldogs and pitbulls. As many as 81 dogs and 10 cats were rescued from the property. They were subsequently sent to the RSPCA's Animal Welfare Campus in Wacol.

On Monday, authorities visited the alleged puppy farm, armed with a search warrant. The conditions of the seized dogs was “very disturbing,” according to RSPCA Queensland chief inspector Daniel Young. "The conditions the dogs and cats were being kept in were very disturbing," Young said, according to AAP (via

He added, "There was inadequate shelter and water and a number of the dogs were carrying injuries that needed urgent veterinary treatment.” He thanked the Queensland Police “for their invaluable assistance in this operation." RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty echoed the sentiment about the conditions the dogs were being kept in, saying it was “not a good start to the year.”

A 40-year-old man is being interviewed by the investigators from the RSPCA. He is due to appear in the Goondiwindi Magistrates Court on other matters. No charges have been imposed on the property.

The matter is currently being investigated. Authorities are requesting anyone who has purchased an animal from the property to come forward.