ABC drama “Quantico” Season 1 is taking a mini-break. It will be back next Sunday, Nov. 29. The network aired the 2015 American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Fans have been wondering about the real terrorist behind the bombing at New York’s Grand Central terminal. Viewers will get to know the real terrorist’s name long before the season 1 finale. Executive producer of “Quantico,” Josh Safran, told Entertainment Weekly that the big reveal will take place on the show’s midseason finale which is airing on Dec. 5, 2015, before the show goes on a break.

“[We] will not have to wait until the end of the season to learn out who the terrorist was. They may actually get an answer, much, much, much sooner than they think,” the showrunner said. Caleb Haas, Clayton Haas, or Liam could be the terrorist. It can even be one of the NATs, Design and Trend reports.

Spoilers ahead read only if you want to know more:

There will be an entry of a new character in the midseason finale: FBI Agent Hannah Wyland (Eliza Coupe), another Entertainment Weekly article reports.

Agent Wyland is different from Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) and Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins). She is very different from the ones viewers have seen so far.

Safran teased “Quantico” fans that Wyland represented the type of agent the NATs (new agent trainees) would be in five years, versus the type they would be in 10 to 15, like Liam and Miranda. She is an agent who feels that “you don’t actually have to lose your life to be an FBI agent.” The show creator added that the new agent is “vibrant, funny, goofy and fast.”

Miranda and Liam are serious agents who have also scarified a lot to be good agents. Wyland on the other hand, represents someone who did not compromise her life or personality for the bureau. Agent Hannah will act a bridge between the NATs and the other older agents. But Hannah’s got some connections to “Quantico’s” existing characters.

Meanwhile, in a related development, ABC increased their additional episode order for “Quantico” to seven and later, the network ordered two more, TV Series reports. This brings “Quantico’s” first season order up to 22 episodes, according to Deadline. The new ABC drama has become fall’s hottest new show. The promo of the ucoming episode "Guilty" has been dropped.

“Quantico” airs at 10 pm on Sundays on ABC in the U.S.

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