Things seem to look up for Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) in Episode 8 of “Quantico” titled “Over.” In the last episode, the viewers got to see how Alex and Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) were able to escape from the FBI. But, unfortunately Ryan was shot and Alex had to get the bullet removed from his stomach. She turned to her friends Mia and Duncan from The Unknown group for help.

Some shocking images come to the fore in the new episode of ABC thriller “Quantico.” This apart, Alex surrenders herself to FBI.

Miranda Shaw is stabbed

Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) had brought her son Charlie to work with her. He was so excited watching the new agent trainees (NATs) doing their assignment that he asked his mom if he could become an agent. But, Miranda said that agents needed to have a clean record.

At Miranda’s home, Charlie is seen moping upstairs. Alex and Miranda are downstairs talking about Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins). Suddenly she gets a call from a neighbour saying that someone is on her rooftop.

Miranda goes to check, but when it takes too long Alex goes to check. She sees Miranda has been stabbed. She says “Charlie,” and Alex sees a window open to the roof, Entertainment Weekly reports.

NATs prepare for night out

While the NATS prepare for their first night in town, Alex’s mind is on a file regarding her father. She confronts Liam, who confesses that he, her dad and other agents covered up the true instigators of a bombing in Omaha in 1993 because they all missed the signs leading up to the attack. He asks Alex to let go of the file, which would destroy the lives and careers of many. She then goes to Miranda’s house to get confirmation.

NATs given new assignment

The NATs are given an assignment to take individualized assignments and figure out how to build a case before reporting to their superiors. They realise that all their cases are connected. Miranda applauds them on a job well done and tells them that they will be presenting it at FBI headquarters.

Alex and Ryan go to FBI headquarters. The duo desperately search for the box where her dad’s file is kept. They find the right box and as time is running short, Alex stashes the lot in her bag. Meanwhile, through a contact of Ryan’s, they get a picture of her dad with Liam. The picture has a Nebraska license plate in the background.

Caleb buries evidence supporting Alex; she goes to FBI and turns herself in

At the behest of his dad, Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers) buries the first evidence supporting Alex’s innocence in the Grand Central bombing. Meanwhile, later at the end of the episode, Alex walks into FBI Central, turns herself in saying there’s another bomb hidden in New York, TV Line reports.

Shelby’s half-sister revealed

Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy) is investigated for sending money to the Middle East every month. Viewers come to know about the agent’s half-sister in Saudi Arabia. Miranda comes in and sticks up for her agents: She knows all about the account, which was set up to take care of Shelby’s half-sister in Saudi Arabia. But, unfortunately it was Caleb who reported the matter.

“Quantico” airs at 10 pm on Sundays on ABC in the US.

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