ABC’s drama series, “Quantico,” began with Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) emerging from the rubble after a terrorist attack at the Grand Central Station in Manhattan, New York. The first season of the thriller has a dual storyline, with the plot switching between the past and the present. The story begins with the arrival of the new FBI recruits or new agent trainees (NATs) at the Quantico training centre in Virginia.

Episode 1 Premiere: 'Run'

In the present timeline, an unknown terrorist among the trainees sets off a massive attack against the US. Alex and her fellow trainees at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are later accused of masterminding the attack. Alex is handcuffed and taken by the FBI, while the officers get a live video feed of her apartment. Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) is seen in a pool of blood while a bomb-making equipment is found in Alex's apartment.

Alex then goes on the run after she becomes the main suspect in the terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, in the flashback scenes nine months earlier, Alex and Ryan meet for the first time, share a car ride together from the airport and then indulge in sex.

Episode 2: 'America'

In the flashbacks, the NATs engage in an exercise at the Quantico headquarters about finding possible threats to the US national security. Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) discovers that Ryan is on an undercover mission.

Meanwhile, the mystery of the twins Nimah and Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) deepens. Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers) and Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy) have something to hide.

In the present, Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) blames Alex for the bombing. Parrish goes on a mission to clear her name, but her bid is foiled by former cop Nathalie Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta).

Episode 3: 'Cover'

In the present, Liam and his team raid Alex’s Oakland home and interrogates her mother Sita. Alex seeks help from Simon Asher (Tate Ellington), who has been ousted from Quantico and now works for a tech start-up. He helps Parrish analyse the explosive parts she found from her apartment in episode 2.

Back at the Quantico headquarters, FBI executive assistant director Clayton Haas (Mark Pellegrino) joins the emergency command centre.

Episode 4: 'Kill'

In the flashback, Alex thinks of quitting Quantico, while Liam asks Ryan to convince Alex to quit as she has been proven unfit for the FBI.

After Alex's nightmare about shooting her dad, Alex nails the gun test. Miranda is also seen asking help from the twins to infiltrate the terrorist group that framed her son Charlie.

Meanwhile, in the present, Clayton gives orders to shoot Alex as they are no longer interested in keeping her alive.

Episode 5: 'Found'

Things heat up between Alex and Ryan in a flashback in one of the sexiest episodes of the series. The episode witnessed lots of intimate moments between the characters. The NATs took on a new look and dressed up for a an undercover task. Simon then confesses that he was in the Israel Defence Forces and did some heinous things in Gaza.

In the present, Alex meets an anonymous group called The Unknown to help air her live interview. The protagonist claims that she is innocent and adds that the people who set her up have planned it since her first day in Quantico.

Episode 6: 'God'

In the flashback, Alex discovers about Liam and Ryan’s conspiracy against her. Meanwhile, Simon discovers the truth about the twins. Miranda’s son is released from juvenile prison and Liam looks after him in Miranda’s absence.

In the present day timeline, Caleb finds out that Shelby had an affair with his dad.

Episode 7: 'Go'

Back at Quantico, Shelby comes face to face with Clayton, Caleb's dad, when she comes to meet the latter. Meanwhile, Alex threatens Liam with dire consequences if he does not give back Ryan's badge.

In the present, Alex and Simon are able to trace Raina, who says that she has not heard from her twin Nimah since the bombing. Afterward, the FBI traces Alex and company at the twins' house. Ryan is shot as he and Alex try to escape from the FBI.

Episode 8: 'Over'

In the flashback, 2hile the NATs prepare for their first night out in town, Alex’s finds out from Liam that he, her dad and other agents covered up the truth about a bombing in Omaha in 1993. Meanwhile, Miranda is stabbed by someone on the terrace of her house and was rushed to the hospital by Alex. It is also revealed that Shelby has a half-sister in Saudi Arabia, to whom she sends money regularly.

In the present, after being coaxed by his dad, Caleb buries the first evidence supporting Alex’s innocence in the Grand Central bombing. Meanwhile, after Ryan gets shot and after figuring out that there may be another bomb, Alex turns herself in to warn the FBI.

Episode 9: 'Guilty'

Viewers are introduced to Dr. Susan Langdon, played by Anne Heche, at Quantico. Simon discovers about her secret and nearly gets killed by the former. He then reveals Langdon's involvement in a murder which results in the former's arrest.

In the present, Liam gets to know about Alex’s innocence and he, along with his team, save her and Ryan.

Episode 10: 'Quantico'

Many secrets are revealed in this episode. At Quantico, Simon confesses that he was involved with a terrorist group. Nimah accuses him of being a war criminal, but he says he was only a translator for the IDF and didn’t realise what he was doing. He is then ousted from Quantico. Meanwhile, Ryan prepares to leave for his assignment in Los Angeles.

In the present, it was revealed that Simon's plans when he was a NAT was the one used by the bombers of Grand Central Station. He claims that the plans were stolen from him by the terrorists.

Episode 11: ‘Inside’

Next week, it is the fall finale of “Quantico” Season 1. The terrorists behind the Grand Central Station bombing will reveal themselves.

Back at Quantico, the recruits are given time off for the holidays, but the NATs are not in a merry mood as their secrets are revealed.

“Quantico” airs at 10 pm on Sunday on ABC in the US.

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