Season 1 of “Quantico” has almost come to its midseason finale. The ABC drama’s episode 10, titled “Inside,” will be slightly different than the previous episodes, as it will give the new agent trainees (NATs) a taste of the real world. The viewers will be treated to an explosive episode, with Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and company racing against time to find the second bomb.

Executive producer of the series Josh Safran teased on Entertainment Weekly that in episode 10, the NATs are given an exercise, which is not a typical one. He said that the person responsible for the bombing at the Grand Central Station in New York will be revealed.

There will also be two new characters in episode 10 of “Quantico.” Marcia Cross of “Desperate Housewives” will make her debut for the recurring role of Claire. She plays the wife of the FBI deputy director Clayton Haas and mom of Caleb (Graham Rogers). She was a former FBI agent and will be seen having a word with Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy).

A new FBI agent also joins Quantico. Hannah Wyland (Eliza Coupe) will not be like Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) or Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis), who are much older and believe in putting their life at stake for the bureau. Instead, she is someone who represents the type of FBI agent the NATs will be in the next five years, Design & Trend reports.

Secrets will be revealed during an emergency disciplinary hearing at Quantico, and in the flash forward scenes, Alex will covertly work with her team to find the real bomber, TV Guide reports. However, time seems to be running out for Alex.

Alex’s court appearance and confession may just be a part of her plan to work covertly with her former co-trainees in Quantico. This may be a ploy to locate the second bomb that could devastate the city. The trailer reveals that Alex will once again suspect her friends of framing her.

Shelby is clearly offended, but it looks like Alex might know who the real terrorist is by the end of the episode. Meanwhile, viewers will get to learn more about Simon Asher (Tate Ellington) in the upcoming episode.

“Quantico” showrunner Safran also teased that Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) will be okay in the next episode. The agent would get immediate medical attention, but Safran revealed that viewers “may not see him in the future for the remainder of this part of the season.”

Meanwhile, in the preview for the upcoming episode, Caleb is seen looking at something in a laptop which seemed to belong to Natalie Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta), who just entered the room. Will the truth about her scar finally be revealed?

“Quantico” midseason finale will air Nov. 13, New York Post reports. The show airs at 10 pm on Sundays on ABC in the U.S.

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