ABC drama “Quantico” Season 1 will be back after a mini-break on Sunday. The network broadcasted the 2015 American Music Awards on Nov. 22, Sunday night. All this while, fans have been wondering who is the real terrorist behind the bombing at New York’s Grand Central terminal.

Spoilers ahead: Read only if you want to know more:

Actress Anne Heche will make her debut as a guest star in “Quantico” in episode 9 titled “Guilty.” The actress is set to play the role of Dr. Susan Langdon, a former FBI agent and medical examiner, who is now a bestselling author. She is at the Quantico base to conduct a seminar on how to identify and catch serial killers.

The former FBI agent will take lessons for the NATs (new agent trainees) this week, while their trainer Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis), who is also the deputy director, is not seen in the entire episode. She was last seen on the terrace of her home, bleeding but after that scene in episode 8, there is no news about Shaw.

In a sneak peek from episode 9, “Guilty” released last week, Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) is shown drunk in a bar. Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) gets a phone call from someone in the bar and they ask her to take him. Due to the incident there is a heated argument between Alex and Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin).

Ryan does not want Alex to go to the bar and bring Liam. However, Alex is determined to save the man who tried to destroy her and Ryan.

Josh Safran, executive producer of “Quantico” had earlier teased the viewers to be prepared for “some fairly intense scenes next week.” “I think probably, the intensity of the bullet extraction sequence in episode 8 is matched and surpassed in episode 9,” the showrunner said, talking to Entertainment Weekly.

In spite of many loose ends in the ABC series, Safron added that things will start falling in place in the final three episodes before “Quantico” takes a mid-season break.

Marcia Cross of “Desperate Housewives” will make her debut in the recurring role of Claire. She plays the wife of the FBI deputy director Clayton Haas and mom of Caleb, TV Line reports.

Meanwhile, in a related development, actress Priyanka Chopra has said through video conferencing during the trailer launch of her new flick in India that the cast and crew of “Quantico” are excited about her new period drama “Bajirao Mastani,” NDTV reports. The Bollywood film is due for release in India on Dec. 18.

“There is a lot of excitement for “Bajirao Mastani” here. The entire cast and crew is going to have a special screening,” said the 33-year-old actress. She added that her co-stars wanted clothes from film.

Chopra said that she was getting great response for the film and the film trailer was trending on social media . The film stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in lead roles.

“Bajirao Mastani” tells the story of the 18th century Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao I and his second wife Mastani. The film is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who has added his own fictional version of the story, according to Chopra.

“Quantico” airs at 10 pm on Sundays on ABC in the US.

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