"Quake Champions"
Quake Champions official logo from the official trailer. Bethesda Softworks LLC/via https://quake.bethesda.net/en

The “Quake Champions” game is yet to have a release date but fans are highly anticipating its release and what to expect in terms of the character abilities. With a possible playable character roster of 12, fans are starting to speculate on what their ideas are for these character's abilities.

The characters and their respective abilities

One of the main characters of the “Quake Championship” game is Doom and his ability Rip and Tear. It is a possibility that making his melee attacks do four times more damage would be more appropriate. In addition, each kill that this character will get using his melee skill will allow him to recover around 20 HP.

Bitterman is also one of the 12 possible playable characters in the game. He can be assumed to use hand grenades as one of his weapons of choice. These grenades can deal massive damage to its target and at the same time have wider area range as compared to other arsenals.

The next protagonist is Matthew Kane and his Stroggification skill. This will allow him to increase his maximum health to 125/225 and add a 10 percent increase in movement speed for a considerable amount of time.

Next in line is Commander Keen and his Pogo ability. This ability will simply allow the character to perform a rapidly induced rechargeable jump which will be available for a certain amount of time.

BJ Blazkowicz is another possible character that can be added in the game’s list. He will be using the ability called Black Sun Dimension. This ability will allow this champion to increase his movement speed to 50 percent for a span of three seconds.

As for the possibility of having Orbb in the game he can also have his ability called Focused. This particular skill will allow Orbb to have 0.5 seconds of aimbot. But this comes with a hefty price of a big cooldown.

The seventh possible champion for the game is Uriel. There is also a possibility that his ability will be called Shadow. As the ability implies, this will allow him to become invisible for a span of four seconds.

The next champion that is speculated to be included in the roster is Angel. Her ability is likely to be called Steel Body. This will grant her immunity against all attacks. The only disadvantage to this skill is that she can’t move during the span of the ability which is five seconds.

Scarge is also a good candidate for the champion’s list. His skill called Sacrifice will give him a haste power up for 10 seconds. But once the ability is deactivated, he will die instantly.

Finally we have Bones and his ability called Lack of Meat. Once he activates this ability, any attack that would normally make him gib will be nulled. This skill will last for eight seconds.

These are just some of the ideas that fans have thought of in a Reddit post. Hopefully players can get to see all of these possible champion candidates become playable characters in the upcoming “Quake Champions” game.