PlayStation Essentials Sale
Sony has announced the Essentials Sale, which offers up to 75 percent discounts. PlayStation Blog

Sony has released a new PS4 System Software update. However, before PS4 fans start expecting new features, the company has also released a one-liner changelog for what is included in the update.

The patch, dubbed as the PS4 3.15 System Software Update, is only 275.6MB. Its main feature is to bring improvements to the overall quality of the system’s performance. According to DualShockers, the download is already out for some PlayStation Networks, including North America, Europe and Japan.

So far, there have been no speculations about what other major features will come with the next big update for the PS4. Way back in October 2015, a survey containing the possible PS4 features coming with the PS4 4.0 System Update was leaked.

The survey had a named a couple of features such as the ability to change PSN IDs, have custom backgrounds, remove items from the library, have an appear offline mode and have notifications for online friends, GameSpot reported. The survey also included the ability to play PS1 and PS2 classics, which have been seen in the latest PS4 emulation for the PS2.

Apart from the possible features on the PS4, the leaked survey also asked players the date when they would like to receive the next major update. The options ranged from the end of 2015 to 2017 and beyond.

Following closely at the heels of the Holiday Sale, Sony has another sale for its gamers. The PlayStation Essentials brings the best of PS4 games for the collection, with offers of up to 75 percent off for regular buyers and 80 percent discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers, according to the PlayStation Blog.

A lot of the games included in the PlayStation Essentials Sale are either relatively new titles or classic games that should be played on the PS4, PS3 or PS Vita. PS4 gamers can take their pick from the many PS4 titles available, including “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition,” “Driveclub,” “Grand Theft Auto V” and other “GTA” titles, “inFamous Second Son” and “inFamous First Light,’ “NBA 2K16,” “Project Cars” and “Watch Dogs.”

The PS3 titles are a bit longer, as it includes the likes of “Batman Arkham Origins,” “Battlefield 3,” some “Call of Duty” titles, “Far Cry 3,” “Rayman Origins,” “Saints Row IV,” “Soul Calibur” titles and “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist.” PS Vita players are not left behind, as there are other a couple of great tiles like “Olliolli,” which is also a three-way Cross-buy, “Persona 4: Golden,” “Danganronpa 2” and “Child of Light.”

PlayStation Essentials Sale (Credit: YouTube/Daily PlayStation News - MonkeyFlop)