Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros. has received new updates, as fans avidly wait for the winner of the Fighter Ballot. SmashBros official website

“Super Smash Bros” tournaments have always been a fan-filled event. This time, there’s even more to look forward to as Nintendo of America confirmed its support for Genesis 3.

The event, which will take place in San Jose from Jan. 15 to 18, will see the face-off between Armada and Mango, Nintendo Life reported. The source confirmed that a total of 1,840 competitors have signed up for the Melee, while 1,097 have signed up for “Super Smash Bros. 4.”

The biggest news would have to be the fact that Nintendo is backing the event for the first time in the history of the tournament. Nintendo announced that it has partnered with Genesis 3 for the event, so fans may want to watch out for what happens.

Based on the last Nintendo Direct of 2015, which had been dedicated to “Super Smash Bros” reveals, it appears that the only things that fans should look forward to the game are the two new characters. Bayonetta and Corrin were officially confirmed to join the roster of “Super Smash Bros” following Cloud Strife’s reveal and release to the game.

Bayonetta is coming as the final downloadable character in the game, The Verge previously reported. The character will feature two costumes, the original from Platinum Games’ title and the “Bayonetta 2” costume. The other character is Corrin.

The announcement of the two DLC characters for “Super Smash Bros” has sparked a heated debate among fans. Considering how they are supposed to be the last characters in the franchise to be added to the roster, some are wondering if it had been the right move to include a character outside out the Nintendo franchises. It does not help that her announcement follows Cloud Strife, who originally came from “Final Fantasy VII” by Square Enix.

As far as Corrin is concerned, fans have also argued that the addition of another “Fire Emblem” character may not have been the best move. Her addition puts the number of characters from “Fire Emblem” above that of the Zelda franchise and at par with the “Pokemon” franchise, Design & Trend reported.

Still, for those who are excited to get the two final characters for “Super Smash Bros,” they will have to wait until sometime in February. The developer has yet to announce a final date for the release on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

For now, fans can enjoy the fact that “Super Smash Bros” took the stage for “Favourite Video Game” at the People’s Choice Awards. According to Nintendo Everything, “Super Smash Bros” bested out the likes of “Batman: Arkham Knight,” “Grand Theft Auto” and even “Minecraft.”

"Super Smash Bros" Genesis 3 (Credit: YouTube/St00pid Smash)