“Destiny” players welcomed the year with new loot from developer Bungie. However, it appears that this is not the only thing that players can expect to star the year with.

The weekend appears to have brought in a new things, including what could be a new teaser event for “Destiny.” According to GameSpot, the next event may be taking plae somewhere in Mercury.

The loot had been part of Bungie’s New Year Gifts for its players. Between Jan. 7 to 10, “Destiny” players were given a loot of 15 Motes and 15 Strange Coins. Additionally, the promised exclusive emblem was revealed to be Rising Light. The New Year’s loot event was dubbed as the Days of the Dawning, and some of the items in the server appear to match the location of Mercury.

Sources added that the received emblem’s image may actually be a reference to Mercury, though Bungie has yet to reveal any details on this. As far as the possibility goes, Mercury is not a stretch in the “Destiny” universe.

Osiris’ Temple is located in Mercury, and while the actual story line does not imply it, Osiris was supposed to be a guardian of sorts to the Guardians of “Destiny.” In the House of Wolves DLC, Mercury was also the location for Trials of Osiris, the Crucible event that players enjoyed since May 2015.

Because of the new clues, fans are now speculating that either Mercury may be the location for the next event. Another theory is that the location could play a bigger role in the story for the anticipated, but yet to be announced “Destiny” sequel.

Whatever the case may be, however, “Destiny” fans are still looking at the first installment with upcoming events slated for the rest of the year. Bungie has previously announced that it will not be rolling out big expansions like the latest entry, “Destiny: The Taken King.” Instead, it will be looking at events in the same way that Festival of Lost had taken place during the start of the holiday season.

For now, “Destiny” players may also want to take heed of a bug that is currently plaguing Nightfall. The Sunless Cell Strike is reportedly broken, as player have been attesting to the Strike stopping their progress, and thus preventing them from getting their loot, GameRant reported.

Symptoms of the bug include the inability to open a door in the Strike. Additionally, there are areas where there are no enemies loading. So far, the bug has already been sighted and acknowledged by Bungie. Over the official Twitter, the developer has assured fans that they are working for a fix.

“We are aware of reported issues with the weekly Nightfall and are investigating. Please stand by,” Bungie said over the Bungie Help Twitter page.

Sadly, this does not seem the end for issues in “Destiny.” Previous reports have noted a lot of instances of lagging and other issues with the Iron Banner.

"Destiny" Nightfall bug (Credit: YouTube/psychonaut038)