Sony's new horror game "Until Dawn," sets players in a familiar story including teens going off on an outing gone horribly wrong. PlayStation Official Website

Microsoft has been slowly ramping up its Xbox One thanks to its many new features. The next-gen console has come a long way from when it was first launched, and with the debut of the November System Update this month, fans are looking at more games on the Xbox One thanks to backward compatibility.

While PS4 fans thought that this may also mean that Sony’s side will soon listen to fans and bring a similar feature eon the PS4, it appears that the company has other plans for its console.

According to Gamepur, Sony appears to be looking at adding new games to the PS4 rather than banking at backward compatibility to drive its sales. Quoting Jim Ryan in another interview, the source stated that the company is investing in new games to deliver to the PS4. Apart from this, Sony seems to see backward compatibility as a feature that is talked about but not used as much. After all, fans still have their PS3 consoles with them, where they can play older titles.

Still, even without backward compatibility in the pipeline, Sony is looking at healthy profits thanks to the PS4. The second quarter of Sony’s financial year saw a lot of PS4 sales, pushing a profit of 33.6 billion yen (approx. AU$47 billion), BBC reported. Instead of stopping with predictions of continued PS4 sales, the company is also optimistic for the coming months.

In fact, Sony is even looking at an increase of PS4 sales. This goes for both the PS4 console hardware as well as the software and potential games.

Redditor Zilli Vanilli compiled all of the trailer videos for the different games that will be coming to the PlayStation VR. On the list are over 50 titles from a wide range of genres and from different developers. Among the more well-known titles include horror game “Allison Road,” “Driveclub,” Koei Tecmo’s “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3,” the awaited space explorer “EVE: Valkyrie,” Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward,” SEGA’s “Hatsune Miku Project, “Gran Turismo Sport,” “Project CARS,” “Tekken 7” and the expansion “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.”

So far, these are the games that Sony has officially announced for the PlayStation VR. But considering Sony’s focus on delivering games on the PS4, it is not impossible to see the list as more developers get into developer for the VR device.

"Driveclub" in PlayStation VR (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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