"Destiny" is celebrating Halloween with Festival of the Lost. Bungie

When microtransactions were first mentioned in “Destiny,” the reception of fans were mixed at best. Some felt that this would start a pay-to-win setup among players, while others felt that it will not succeed as a new mechanic in the game.

However, just a short time after the in-game currency Silver was introduced in “Destiny,” it was revealed that the microtransactions are actually a success. There is now evidence that “Destiny” players are actually taking to Silver very well. In fact, they are taking to it very well that Silver appears to be among the top purchased add-ons for all games for the PlayStation platforms, Game Informer reported.

Specifically, on the PlayStation Store, the 1,100 pack of silver, sold for US$10 (approx. AU$14), is the top purchase for PlayStation players. There are also players who prefer the 2,300 Silver bundle at US$20 (approx. AU$28).

One potential reason why the Silver currency is gaining traction in “Destiny” is the creative way by which Guardians can make use of the offered cosmetic add-ons. Currently, Silver can only buy aesthetic enhancement to “Destiny” characters. What’s hot among fans are the new emotes that allow for a fresh take on individualising a Guardian in the game.

To date, Bungie has also been very adamant about clarifying that it does not plan on selling advancements or aids for drops in “Destiny” to avoid the pay-to-win dilemma. As to what the developer is planning to sell for Silver later on, there has yet to be an official announcement for it.

The Taken King has been success for “Destiny,” as the latest expansion adds more depth to Bungie’s shooter title. Recently, even the merchandise that can be found in Xur. While the vendor has changed mechanics on what will be sold on a specific week for “Destiny” Year Two, there has been a notable purchasable item that players could get from Xur.

According to Forbes, he has recently offered the Zhalo Supercell when he was last seen at the Tower. This appears to be one of the rarest items that have been included in his merchandise since “Destiny” The Taken King. What makes this item more or less a good acquisition is its elemental primary quality, which is in rare following the changes made to the weapons for “Destiny” The Taken King.

Whether or not the Zhalo Supercell will make a comeback in Xur’s items remains to be seen. But for those who want to make us of its unique capabilities as an auto-rifle and Arc elemental damage, it may be great to keep watch of the weapon’s possible reappearance and take advantage of it.

"Destiny" Zhalo Supercell weapon (Credit: YouTube/PlanetDestiny)

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