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A person plays a video game at a Sony PlayStation in the Sony's flagship store in Berlin, April 27, 2011. Reuters/Thomas Peter

PS2 launch title “Fantavision” will be coming to the PlayStation 4 later this week on Dec. 22. The game originally started out as a tech demo to demonstrate the power of the PS2 and is part of the initial PS2 to PS4 lineup.

Like previous PS2 games to come to the PS4 “Fantavision” will get 1080p graphics and a new set of trophies for hardcore gamers to collect. Oddly enough an article from PlayStation Lifestyle states that “Fantavision” might not have a platinum trophy, which has apparently been the norm for some of these PS2 to PS4 titles.

It seems like the PS2 ports that cost US$9.99 (AU$13.9) has no platinum trophies, while the ones that are US$14.99 (AU$14.99) have them. Since “Fantavision” is the former, it would seem like the port might not have a platinum trophy, though that has yet to be proven.

“Fantavision” has been described as a fireworks game by an article from Destructoid, because that is essentially what it is. Players string together various flares that go up in the air, usually matching those with the same color, resulting in some fairly impressive looking light shows. Impressive at the time at least, since the PS2 isn’t the impressive piece of technology it once was.

Still, as a piece of history for the beloved console, it does feel somewhat relevant to bring it to the current-gen PS4. The game looks as good as it can without getting the remaster treatment, so that can be considered impressive.

With “Fantavision” getting released this week, that leaves “Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits” and “King of Fighters 2000” as the last games that are part of the scheduled lineup of PS2 to PS4 games. The original “Max Payne” from Rockstar Games might be on the way as well, so fans have some classic titles to look forward to.

Fans can also suggest PS2 games to Sony on Twitter by using the hashtaf #ps2tops4, while submitting their requests. It will be interesting to see which titles get considered by Sony, as games like “Klonoa 2” and the “.Hack//” series have big fan bases and would benefit from a re-release.

PlayStation 2 comes to PS4

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