To make the wait for “Severed” more bearable for fans, Drinkbox Studios has released a brand-new gameplay trailer. The latest promo for the upcoming RPG-light adventure highlights the different aspects of the game that players will witness. Players will be using a gesture based combat mechanic to defeat enemies during their journey through a surreal world packed with challenges.

Graham Smith from Drinkbox Studios offered a more detailed scenario about the upcoming PS Vita game “Severed” in his blog post on PlayStation Blog. The developer has previously worked on some popular titles such as “Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack” and “Guacamelee.” Now, the team is bringing to fans the latest RPG “Severed.”

The game puts the player in charge of Sasha, a heroine who has her arm chopped off. Sasha, who wields a sword, is on an ambitious journey in search of her missing family. Players will have to protect Sasha whilst knitting the pieces of her story together. But the path is full of monsters and each of them can be killed with unique strategies. As such, players will have to learn these strategies to defeat the enemies.

As the “Severed” is a touch-based game, players don’t need to struggle with buttons during sword combats. Sasha’s “Focus Meter” increases when player efficiently fights enemies. A full “Focus Meter” gives the player ability to sever the monsters by granting the ability to enter “Sever Mode.” As the players proceed ahead, they will be introduced to boss monsters that are harder to kill. Sasha will gain abilities by wearing the carcasses left behind as she severs these boss monsters with her weapons.

There is more to “Severed” than just combats, especially as players progress further into the game. Players will encounter dungeons, where each one has a unique puzzle mechanic that players will need to solve to get through otherwise impassable barriers. Apart from this, “Severed” also presents other gems, such as mysterious paths, hidden surprises, unbelievable challenges and rewards throughout the course of the game.

Each dungeon will present the player with a unique puzzle mechanic through which players will be able to impassable barriers. Players will also explore mysterious paths, hidden surprises, unbelievable challenges and rewards over the course of the game.

Back in July, Polygon reported that DrinkBox Studios has delayed the release of “Severed.” Originally planned for a summer launch, the developer delayed the launch asking for a few extra month of development time.

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Severed - Gameplay Trailer - PlayStation Experience 2015 PS Vita (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)