PlayStation Now has added some new titles to its growing list. Subscribers of the game rental service can now access role-playing shooter games including “Borderlands,” “Borderlands 2,” “BioShock” and “BioShock 2.” The two franchises are among the most entertaining titles that have been released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, making their inclusion to the PlayStation Now a big gain for PS4 fans.

The new games are not Take Two’s first few titles to come into the PlayStation streaming service. Previously, “BioShock Infinite” has been made available on the PlayStation Now, as unveiled over at the PlayStation Blog.

“BioShock 4” has been mentioned as the next project for the series. However, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick only went so far as to confirm its development. No details have been given yet on the project, IGN reported. There is also no known information yet on which platforms “BioShock 4” will release.

As for the two “Borderlands” titles, these are not the last to come to the PlayStation Now service. Players may expect the announcement of many more game that can be added to PlayStation Now during the PlayStation Experience 2015 conference in San Francisco. The inclusion of the new installment titled as “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” can also be announced during PS Experience 2015 conference, which serves as a venue for gaming announcements and events.

Fans who are not yet familiar with the streaming service should know that PlayStation Now allows users to play the games without downloading them. Last month, PS Now already added 105 titles to the massive list of over 250 games including six “Resident Evil” installments, “Mega Man” 9 and 10, “Proteus” and “Fatal Fury.” The service also supports individual “a la carte” plans and subscriptions as well.

For those PlayStation fans who have played any of the titles mentioned above and are looking to play on PS Now, there is an offer on the PlayStation Store. Fans can opt in on the free seven-day trial for the PlayStation Now service to see and sample the full collection. Of course, gamers will need to have a stable, fast Internet connection to access the games.

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BioShock, Borderlands Coming to PlayStation Now (Credit: YouTube/IGNNews)