'Prison Break' season 5 episode 1 release date
Actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell in their iconic roles in "Prison Break" season 5. Prison Break/Facebook

With season 5 of “Prison Break” only less than a month away, the Prison Break Writers Twitter account introduced the upcoming season’s title on March 5. A new trailer was also released as a testament to Michael (Wentworth Miller) being alive. The show will include two new characters to love as well, including Sheba (Inbar Lavi) and Whip (Agustus Prew).

The upcoming season of Fox’s television drama will now be called “Prison Break: Resurrection.” The show’s writers’ Twitter handle announced the same with a message: “Time to settle this title thing once and for all.” Apparently, Michael Scofield turns out to be alive than dead, giving the fifth season its name.

“Not all deaths are the same. Some are real, some are a story,” Michael says in a voiceover in a 30-minute special episode on March 3. The featurette further showed T-Bag getting out of prison. A prison officer hands him an envelope that contains a photo of Michaelin his current location. But whoever tipped T-Bag on Michael is yet to be known.

The featurette meanwhile reveals Michael with a new set of tattoos. According to the actor, the tattoos (Arabic inscriptions) are “pivotal to the story.” Michael seems to know the language pretty well, as he’s seen transcribing the words from his arm to pen and paper. Furthermore, the tattoos on his palm to a great extent look like the Eye of Horus.

In a tweet featuring a behind the scenes video of the special episode, actor Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) says he thinks the new season is better than the original. “All of our characters go through extreme hardships. I think there’s something inspiring about watching someone endure, endure, endure and come out the other side,” Miller says in the same Twitter video. [Watch the video below.]

The plot for “Prison Break: Resurrection” is not restrained to prison, it has been known. Breaking out of jail is only the beginning. The nine-episode season will take viewers across the Middle East, where Michael will try to get out from. What has he been doing with the ISIL? Will he get back to Sarah? These are some of the questions fans will have answer to in “Prison Break” season 5.

“Prison Break” season 5 arrives April 4 on Fox in the US. Meanwhile, fans can watch the special episode on Fox. A release date for Australia is yet to be known.