Australian audiences can catch the last 10 episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" on Fox8. Facebook/Pretty Little Liars

The big Uber A reveal will begin in just a few weeks, as “Pretty Little Liars” begins its final journey. But while fans already have their own inkling on who the series’ biggest villain is, they might be surprised to learn there are two of them working together.

As noted by Refinery29, some popular Uber A theories point to Melissa (Torrey DeVitto), Lucas (Brendan Robinson) and Alison’s still-unrevealed evil twin. However, eagle-eyed fans of the show have also found clues that reveal that the ultimate villain might actually be the result of a close partnership between two people. The proof is outlined on various Reddit forums.

The first clue, as noted by user theCeCeDrake, pointed out that there are two pairs of gloved hands adjusting a device during the show’s recent promo. Some doubters pointed out that gloves do not necessarily mean hands, which is a valid point. One major argument is that one of the gloves are simply hung on what looks like a baby mobile. Nevertheless, it has sparked some rumours.

Another clue was spotted by PrettyGirlsLie, who pointed out that there were several notable shots of Lucas’ front door during the season after the time jump. His apartment number was 2A. A commenter by the name of woo-em also pointed out that the Two Crows Diner could also point to the possibility of two individuals that make up Uber A. This is definitely not conclusive, but it could very well be a subtle foreshadowing of what is to come.

Other Reddit users claimed that AD -- another moniker for the infamous Uber A -- could be the initials of two people. However whose A and D initials these belong to were not specifically mentioned. One possibility, however, is that Aria and Darren are working together.

Until “Pretty Little Liars” finishes its last remaining episodes in season 7B, there really is no way to tell for sure who Uber A is. This has not stopped fans from coming up with their own beliefs and sharing them online. The show returns on US network Freeform on April 18. Australian audiences can catch the series on Fox8.

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