Fireworks explode over Sydney Harbour at midnight, ushering in the new year, in Sydney
Fireworks explode over Sydney Harbour at midnight, ushering in the new year, in Sydney Reuters

Australian police in two states had a buy first working day of 2015 arresting almost 700 people on New Year's Day. In Queensland, they arrest 630 people, while in Sydney, New South Wales, they arrested 62 revelers.

The big number of arrests in Queensland were mostly attendees of an out-of-control New Year's party in Smithfield, a suburb of Cairns, who throw bottles at the cops. The police filed 753 charges.

According to Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, the number of arrests are about the same as in past years, but he stressed that 99 percent of Queenslanders behaved properly.

"But there'll always be that one per cent who just want to go that extra bit and get themselves into strife and we saw that by the number of arrests," Stewart says, quoted by ABC.

In other parts of Queensland, the charges were for public order offences, drug possession and disorderly conduct in licenced premises.

In Sydney, of the 62 arrests, half were at a dance party in Moore Park, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Their offences ranged from assault to drug use.

But like in Queensland, majority of Sydney residents behaved properly. NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says, "Sydney's New Year's Eve celebrations are widely regarded as some of the best in the world, so we were pleased to see Sydneysiders living up to that reputation and acting responsibly."

Those arrested at the Above & Beyond dance party in Moore Park were young people who used illicit party drugs GHB, ecstasy, MDMA and prescription drugs.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Opera House attracted 1.2 million revelers who awaited the countdown to witness the breath-taking fireworks display that cost A$7.2 million.


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