A poster of BBC TV series "Poldark." Poldark/ Facebook

Cast member Heida Reed (Elizabeth) has posted a behind-the-scenes video from the production set of “Poldark” season 4. The video shows Mike O’Connor from the music department playing a familiar tune on the violin while Aidan Turner (Ross) looks on.

The video (see below) was filmed on the set of the TV series. Filming for season 4 has been ongoing for a while, but the video doesn’t reveal where it was shot. O’Connor from the music department visited the set that day and played a tune for the cast and crew.

Turner is in full costume, and the background chatter suggests that the video was filmed while the cast and crew were enjoying their break. The tune is the opening theme of the TV series, and the lead cast member smiles upon realising this.

Two behind-the-scenes pictures from the set have been released online so far. The first picture (see below) is that of Reed and fellow cast member Jack Fathering (George Warleggan) in a carriage, along with crew members of the series. The second picture is that of Turner with Richard Hope (Harris Pascoe).

The plot of next season is supposed to take Ross to London, as he defeats George and takes his parliament seat. However, judging by the behind-the-scenes pictures and the video, it seems like the show will spend considerable time in Cornwall before shifting the main characters to London. There is still a lot of personal drama that needs to be tied up before focusing on the politics.

“Poldark” season 4 is set to return sometime next year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date. All the familiar characters will be returning to the show, including Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse).

Credit: Heida Reed/ Twitter

Credit: Poldark/ Facebook