Pokemon Z
New forms of the Legendary Pokemon Zygarde have been revealed for the new anime season of "Pokemon," hinting at a possible "Pokemon Z" in the future. The Pokemon Company (http://www.pokemon.com/us)

“Pokemon X and Y” fans, as well as those awaiting “Pokemon Z” may be looking at something exciting in the latest CoroCoro leaks. It appears that new distributions are coming.

These are not just any Pokemon, as they are Legendaries for “Pokemon X and Y.” According to trusted Pokemon source Serebii, there will be weekly distributions in time with the episodes of “Pokemon XY & Z” anime.

The first one, a shiny Xerneas, will come on Oct. 29. It will be at Level 100 bearing the moves Aromatherpay, Focus Blast, Geomancy and Moonblast. The next one comes on Nov. 5, which is the shiny Yveltal. It will have the Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Oblivion wing and Sucker Punch Moves. Finally, the Zygarde will be distributed on Nov. 12 with the moves Land’s Wrath, Extreme Speed, Glare and Outrage.

All of the Pokemon will be obtained via a serial code. Images of the distributed Pokemon have also been release via the scanned leaks of CoroCoro magazine.

Zygarde has been a main hot topic when it comes to “Pokemon Z.” Previously, fans were treated to an update from Nintendo, where the company revealed the many Formes of the Zygarde. This included the rich evolution and transformation of the Pokemon, from a cell to an evolved Pokemon.

This month, The Pokemon Company and Niantic will also be revealing more about “Pokemon GO.” As previously promised, the developers are looking at mid-October to give more details on the upcoming title. Express reported that the companies will delve deeper regarding plans for both the base game “Pokemon GO” as well as the real-world aspect of the title.

What is currently known about “Pokemon GO” is that it will feature a real-world aspect. It will allow players to catch Pokemon in real life using augmented reality and GPS technology by way of Ingress. It will be a mobile game that will allow players to explore the world of Pokemon in a different light.

The Pokemon Company has yet to detail the kind of technology that “Pokemon GO” will have. This could be the clincher for the way that players will get closer to the main goal of the “Pokemon” franchise, which is to allow players to catch them all.

"Pokemon GO" reveal (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)

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