‘Destiny’ dev talks Sleeper Simulant, changes in game with 2.01 patch

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'Destiny: The Taken King' ranked on top in the DLC list for both PS3 and PS4 Bungie

The latest patch for “Destiny,” dubbed the Update 2.01 slated to come out soon, may not be good news for players who love using the Shotguns in the game.

In the latest weekly update from Bungie, the developer dropped the dreaded nerf bomb, this time for the Shotguns. Once the Update 2.01 hits “Destiny,” the Shot Package Perk will be removed from all shotgun weapons. To be fair, while this makes the shotgun less effective in some cases, it does remove the tendency for single-shot kills.

Bungie also added that the change had come from community feedback, which reiterated that previous balances to the weapon were not enough to take away the lethality during Crucible matches. The Shot Package had been as a game-changer, which is the reason for the nerf.

Players can say goodbye to the Shot Package perk from shotgun weapons. Those that already have a Shot Package can have Close and/or Personal, Crowd Control and Knee Pads, depending on the type of weapon. The developer did reassure fans that the new balancing will not have a negative impact on the PVE, as was seen in the playtests conducted.

This is just a few of the developments taking place after “Destiny” The Taken King expansion. Recently, fans have been enjoying a couple of new secrets in the game, including the Sleeper Simulant. Bungie had just unlocked the questline to obtain the weapon, following a number of tasks that ended with what appeared to be a time-gated event.

Bungie also had Design Lead Tyson Green explain the overall experience of the Sleeper Simulant event. He stated that every step has been a learning lesson for the team, particularly in how they can improve on how to make Quests available and communicate their availability.

“Our challenge is balancing between the secrecy that makes these hunts exiting, and transparency that could spoil the fun for the hunters,” said Green over at the official Bungie website.

The Sleeper Simulant is something of a coveted weapon now in the “Destiny” community. The new exotic has been a debated on in that players have reacted to receiving it in different ways.

There are some fans who have started experimenting on where to use the weapon. Some have already found bosses that are instantly defeated by the Sleeper Simulant, Gamerant reported. As seen in the video below, Atheon is taken down in a little over 10 seconds, proving the weapon even better than Gjallarhorns in this case.

Atheon beaten by Sleeper Simulant (Credit: YouTube/ChadTheWedge)

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