More ‘Destiny’ secrets spotted in Paradox daily mission and Sleeper Simulant exotic weapon

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Two characters prepare for battle in "Destiny: The Taken King."

“Destiny” fans are becoming faster in finding the secrets that developer Bungie has embedded in the test expansion, The Taken King. While some have been stuck with the First Curse exotic, recently found by a fan, another exotic weapon is now taking Guardians by storm.

Dubbed as the Sleeper Simulant, the new heavy weapon has finally been uncovered. But unlike the First Curse, which was spotted by a player who had reached rank 5, this particular exotic weapon was dropped in the laps of fans by none other than Bungie, Forbes reported.

According to the report, the new quest will now be triggered once players find the four Fusion Rifle relics. There will be a new quest The First Firewall. After completing the quest and the mission, players will receive the Curious Transceiver. The device will ask for four codes, which have already been cracked by avid “Destiny” fans.

Redditor alexp1128 had revealed the code, which can be seen in the link. Players who want to get the Sleeper Simulant as soon as possible should act fast. It appears that the mission will be gone after the day is over, but it will make a return with the next cycle,

Once the sequences have been encoded, the Shadow Call mission will appear. Players will need to beat the time limit and finish the mission before being rewarded with the IKELOS Fusion Core. After fulfilling requirements for the five modules, the player will get a reassembled IKELOS Fusion Core. The guardian will then have to give the weapon to the Gunsmith.

For the time being, it appears that the next step is currently stopped. Redditors have speculated that it may be a time-gated event towards the Sleeper Simulant exotic reward.

One other “Destiny” secret spotted by fans was in the daily mission Paradox. For this round, what players are after is recovering the Ghost of Praedyth, Pixel Dynamo reported. Now, it’s confirmed that Paradox will yield three new Ghosts to open the portal and start the mini boss battle, the Blighted Descendant.

To get to the secret quest, players need to find the three Ghosts. They are located in the secret area below the raid first chest in the vault, by the spirit bloom chest after the Templar and inside the cave before the inactive platform prior to the portal. Obtaining the third Ghost will activate said portal and bring the player to a secret area.

The end goal is to unlock a fourth Grimoire card, following the three previously unlocked cards following each Ghost find. However, according to the source, there is no end reward as of yet. Whether or not this another secret weapon or quest remains to be seen.

"Destiny" Sleeper Simulant Quest (Credit: Youtube/DattoDoesDestiny)

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