‘Destiny’ dev reveals plans for the Eververse Trading Company microtransations and a possible gear manager

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The changes in “Destiny” are in full swing, but Bungie’s promise of more content, secrets and elements to come in the game are slowly coming to light. This time, it involves an old patent that hinted at an “Eververse Trading Company.”

Back in June, the patent was linked to Bungie. Speculations pointed to a possible trading among guardians, given the supply of gear and equipment.

However, Bungie has already revealed its plans in a new blog update that introduced the Eververse Trading Company. The newest element will be part of the Year Two expansion for “Destiny.”

Come Oct. 13, Tess Everis will be back in the game via the Tower. She will bring in some new items up for grabs from the Eververse Trading Company, including 18 new emotes. Players will need the new in-game currency Silver to make a purchase, but Bungie has assured that not doing so will not have an effect on one’s game and standing.

The emotes appear to be first offered items via the Eververse Trading Company, with more to come alongside events as “Destiny” goes into full gear for its Year Two run. While these are currently introducing some optional items for purchase, it appears that the Eververse Trading Company is Bungie’s way of introducing microtransactions to “Destiny.” How far and deep the microtransactions go in “Destiny” Year Two remains to be seen, but the best that players could hope is that these will not introduce a pay-to-win scenario in overcoming the challenges in “Destiny.”

This does not appear to be the end of Bungie’s plans for “Destiny” Year Two. Recently, some fans have sighted an ongoing beta linked to a new gear manager in “Destiny.” According to Pixel Dynamo, members of the beta program are privy to a new function dubbed as the “manage gear beta,” which appeared as a small button in the game.

From the looks of the new beta manager, Bungie may be organising the inventory management to mimic the more user-friendly fan-made ones that are already available to players. The beta manager now features searchable items, filters, easier commands to move gears and a better interface overall.

For now, the change in beta manager does not seem to involve the mobile app version yet. But with Bungie already considering the improvements seen in other gear management solutions, it’s not impossible to see similar changes in the app version.

Eververse Trading Company in "Destiny" (Credit: YouTube/PlanetDestiny)

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