The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer featuring the Volcanion, dubbed to be the 721st Pokemon in the game. What makes the Volcanion special is that it will not be encountered normally while playing “Pokemon.”

The developer has yet to announce how it can be obtained. But going by how the Hoopa and Diancie were distributed, Volcanion may also be obtained in a similar manner.

Volcanion may be a familiar Pokemon name despite being just officially released. This is because the Pokemon had been previously sighted in “Pokemon X and Y” by a hacker who goes by the name of Smeagol. Volcanion had been sighted way back in 2013, alongside Diancie and Hoopa, which have both been officially released.

Previous listing of Volcanion’s abilities, as listed by Pokebeach do match the official release. Volcanion is said to be the first Fire and Water type Pokemon, hence its moniker the Steam Pokemon, Siliconera reported. This coincides with earlier data mined findings, which suggested that the Volcanion will spurt steam from the arms on its back with a force powerful enough to ruin a mountain.

So far, the video, seen below, does not reveal its move sets yet, as the developer has promised more details to come. However, going by the earlier sighted details, its signature move will be Steam Eruption, which is a water-type attack that will douse the opponent with superheated steam. Sharp-eyed fans will see that the trailer shows off the very description of this move, when the Volcanion appears to attack Hoopa with a powerful jet of water.

Volcanion will not only be debuting in the “Pokemon” game. It will also finds its way into the big screen come 2016. Trusted Pokemon source Serebii reported that Volcanion will also be featured in the upcoming CoroCoro.

The leaked cover for the magazine shows the newest Pokemon. It also hints at the Volcanion’s Water Absorb ability, which pretty much makes it a powerhouse when hit with water attacks.

Volcanion will also be playing a role in the “Pokemon XY & Z” movie, slated to come in 2016. The Pokemon Company is keeping details close to the vest, but more details are expected sometime later.

Pokemon Volcanion reveal (Credit: YouTube/Official Pokemon Channel)

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