“Minecraft” has been a hot topic among gamers, especially with the announcement of the “Minecraft Wii U Edition.” It appears that this is far from the end of announcements for the year.

Developer Mojang has recently announced some good news to “Minecraft” players looking to try out “Minecraft Realms.” The “Realms” feature has been released way back, presenting players with a way to participate in online “Minecraft” with friends. It is a safer alternative, as it offers a more private and selective way of enjoying “Minecraft.”

Now, this feature is available for a free trial for those who have yet to try it out. What this means for “Minecraft” players is that anyone who has not yet owned the feature can now try it out for a 30-day free trial experience. This entails 30 days of trying out an online experience that can hold up to 10 players at a time in one Realm,as detailed over the official Mojang blog.

Apart from a privatised “Minecraft Realms” experience, there are other features that gamers can enjoy. These include mini-games and custom spawns. However, the catch is that this feature can only be enjoyed by those on the PC Java Edition for now.

For players who have already purchased “Minecraft Realms” or are planning to do so, Mojang is also offering it at a discounted price. There are three subscriptions types for “Minecraft Realms,” all of which have been aptly reduced in price. The 30-day subscription is now available for US$9.99 (approx. AU$14), the 90-day subscription is now at US$26.99 (approx. AU$37) and the 180-day subscription is now at US$47.99 (approx. AU$66).

Since “Minecraft Realms” has been released earlier before, it’s not surprising that some players have already subscribed to it. Mojang has also confirmed that there will be compensation for those who have bought or renewed subscriptions in the past 45 days. This, however, comes in the form of bonus days, depending on the length of subscription.

The “Minecraft” developer has been known to listen to fans’ feedback. And this continues to be the case with it upcoming “Minecraft Wii U Edition.” According to Nintendo Life, it appears that the developer did acknowledge a mention of a possible amiibo for “Minecraft.”

This is relevant given the confirmation of “Minecraft Wii U Edition.” Amiibo has been a big part of Nintendo titles, as seen in the likes of “Super Smash Bros.” While the developer has not made any promises, it is good that fans’ voices appear to have reached the studio. Whether or not this spurs on a development of a “Minecraft” amiibo for “Minecraft Wii U Edition” remains to be seen.

"Minecraft Wii U Edition" announced (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo Life)

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