Pokemon Sun and Moon
Expect more information on "Pokemon Sun and Moon" in July. The Pokemon Company

While fans are waiting for the promised information coming to “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” there is a new trailer sighted that teases two Pokemon in action.

Rockruff and Komala are the two new Pokemon translated from their previous Japanese names, Iwanko and Nekkoala. Previously, these two were sighted in CoroCoro as part of new reveals for the game.

Seen in the video below spotted by Siliconera, it first sees off Professor Kukui showing the map and introducing Rockruff. From the looks of the footage, he seems to be talking to the player via web cam.

After that comes a battle scene featuring Rockruff, though it only shows a few seconds and ne attack. Komala is also seen in battle. He rather cute Pokemon is just slee[ing peacefully on his log, but it’s quite the great trickster. From out of nowhere comes a big slam that takes its opponent by surprise.

Serebii also got its hands on some new information for the abilities of some of the upcoming Pokemon. It seems that the developer has already revealed the English versions of the abilities following the reveal of the seven new Pokemon for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

Komala has the Comatose Ability, which matches its very lethargic and sleeping appearance. Vikavolt has the Levitate bility. Charjabug’s ability is Battery, and it makes it the perfect partner to a Pokemon with stronger Special Attacks, as it can enhance these during battle.

Another recently revealed Pokemon, Bruxish, has the Strong Jaw ability. Cutiefly has two abilities, Honey Gather and Shield Dust, which still sounds pretty sweet for the Pokemon pixie. Drampa also has two special abilities, Sap Sipper and Berserk. The latter ability will boost the Pokemon’s Special Attack once its HP goes under 50 percent.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will launch on Nov. 18 worldwide except for Europe, where it will land on Nov. 23.

New "Pokemon Sun and Moon" footage (Credit: YouTube/OhRoChiDatabase)