Pokemon Sun and Moon
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“Pokemon Sun and Moon” players, who are trying to sift through the post-game, must have already realised that their Pokemon has to be in top shape, and that includes oodles of in-game money, EV training and breeding.

If a player is struggling to pay for the recently-updated Pokemon Bank, he will have plenty of time in his hands to bring his Alolan team in shape. However, there are ways to speed up the breeding process, get money quickly and do EV training smarter. There are also certain tricks to catch those elusive shiny Pokemon. In order to speed-up the egg-hatching process, trainers need to find a Pokemon with Magma Armour ability or Flame Body.

While players can evolve a Fletchinder from Fletchlings caught in the park, it is probably a better idea to catch a Magmar or a Magby in Wela Volcano Park. If any of a player’s Pokemon has two of these abilities, it halves the amount of cycles it takes to hatch an egg. Players can also use the Tauros Charge ride Pokemon to hatch an egg quickly by using the ride Pokémon's charge ability on a long straightaway, writes Mic. Recommended routes are Heahea City on Akala Island or Route 6.

Running around in circles outside Pokemon Nursery also does the job. Players can also maximise their chances of breeding a Shiny Pokemon. For this, players need Pokemon from two different localisations of “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” This gives a 1/683 odd of catching a Shiny Pokemon. As Ditto can breed with any Pokemon, one’s best bet is to get a foreign Ditto and breed it as many times as possible. Players can also make a lot of money by procuring the Amulet Coin. It can be found behind a red truck in the Paniola Ranch next to the Pokémon Nursery.

This held item doubles the amount of money one makes from trainer battles. The Pokemon holding it must participate in the battle. Players can also double their prize earnings by using Mystery Gift Munchlax’s move Happy Hour. The recently introduced SOS Battle mechanic can be used to supercharge a Pokemon’s EV growth.

“As you allow a Pokémon to summon more and more allies in battle, they'll have a higher chance of calling in Pokémon with hidden abilities and perfect IVs. Once you've had a chain of 70, you'll even maximize the chance to find a shiny Pokémon,” Bulbapedia reports.