Pokemon Sun and Moon
The Pokemon Company has announced the arrival of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" later in 2016. Pokemon official website

It’s been a while since the last drop of information for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” came. With fans clamouring for more updates, The Pokemon Company has finally teased that there will be updates coming this week.

Gematsu reported that Pokemon fans should look forward to May 10, 5:00 a.m. PT. for more announcements. The developer did not specify what exactly the announcement will contain. Hopefully, it will be more gameplay showcases, since the most that was revealed from before was that there will be more than 10 Pokemon in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

In the meantime, previous Pokemon titles are getting distributions. Serebii listed two distributions happening for previous events. The first is the Zygarde Distribution in North America. This is for the tie-in release of the Fates Collide TCG set, the distribution of which will already be ending. For European territories, the distribution will continue until May 26.

Another distribution is for the Hidden Ability Bird Distribution. Available for both North America and Europe, the event will see the Hidden Ability Bird Distribution. This will include the codes for Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos, complete with the respective abilities of Snow Cloak, Flame Body and Static. The codes will be distributed via the newsletter, so for those who have signed up before April 22 will likely receive this.

In other related Pokemon news, GameStop has released a new limited edition controller for “Pokken Tournament.” The Pokemon mascot Pikachu now is the main feature in the Pikachu-themed controller. While this controller was previously only announced in Japan, My Nintendo News reported that North American players can also get a chance to obtain the gamepad.

Still, it is a limited edition controller, and one that can be obtained only via GameStop. The Wii U controller costs US$29.99 and currently has a release date of July 31.

The product description states that it is the officially licensed controller by Nintendo. Additionally it’s exclusively designed for the “Pokken Tournament.” As far as design goes, it comes from HORI, the company known for several previous tournament controllers. It’s also a good device for tournament battles, most of which are lag-free when played using the controller. Preorders can already be filed over at the GameStop website.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" reveal (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon)